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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

World War Z: An Exhilirating, Infection Thriller With Unexpected Substance.

 World War Z was an incredible experience. Not simply because of Zombies (we've seen plenty of those), but because of it's substance; the movie isn't interested in tossing barrels of blood and ligaments across the screen. It's actually trying to create a layered story. One of emotion, and discovery. It wants to present you with a startling realistic interpretation of the infection fantasy.

From the beginning, you are thrown into the hole of chaos, and are only given the opportunity to crawl out well into the second act... But the anxiety bubbling inside as you feel, believably, you are beside Brad Pitt's character, his wife, and two daughters, is both agonizing and exhilarating as you, along with them, try and discover a means of escaping the ocean of madness.

Once in the clear of burning sky scrapers and runaway garbage trucks, the film then shifts to a more profound, albeit quieter perspective, engaging in the origins of the pathogen, and a means of vaccination. It is this part of the movie that I strongly enjoyed the most. I found myself deeply engulfed in the search for the truth, clinging onto any piece of information that left the mouth of those Gerry (Brad Pitt) interacted with, and applied it to my overall knowledge of what was going on so far.
We were looking for answers together; I imagined my family was left behind on a navel base, their well-being contingent on the success of my journey, and it is this connection that emotionally ties you to Gerry's quest, and thus, the film.

From Israel to India, you acquire a sense of mysticism, eager to be fed more answers to the ravaging pathogen, but as more answers hang on the horizon, more hordes of the undead rush in to disturb that focus. But you are there; you have to put everything together, you have to make it out alive, your family needs you. It is maddening--- But immeasurably compelling.

Brad Pitt is among my favorite actors of all time, and his delivery is humble, and believable. I enjoyed the soundtrack of the film as well. Every moment that the piano gradually rose to prominence in the background, I received the sense of an experience being well rounded, after a trial has been overcome.

The movie is two hours long, give or take a couple minutes, but the journey was so incredible, you're actually upset when Brad Pitt' s character begins his epilogue in scenes you sense are drawing the movie to a conclusion. You want more, you need more; through out two hours, you've been developing an insatiable appetite for more mystery. more inquiries into the pathogen, more adventure. Nevertheless, the third act was brilliant.

Zombie films are mostly all about panic, and shocking thrills. World War Z gives you all that, albeit in more believable execution, and a ton of additional elements that make it a film of substance, not just an empty container of brains and blood.